Adoption FAQ

What does the adoption process include?

  • When you complete your application, you will see an adoption fee. This fee helps cover all the care we provide, which includes the following:
    • An alteration (spay or neuter)
    • Vaccinations (rabies, parvo / distemper, Bordetella), deworming, and a heartworm test
    • Preventive treatments are applied for fleas, ticks, and heartworm.
    • A microchip is inserted
    • Adult pets are leash trained.
    • Adult pets are socialized with other dogs, so we understand their temperament.

How do I get started?

  • Our placement philosophy is to match the right dog to the right family in the right environment.
  • Contact us so we can understand the type of pet you seek, and what works best for you and your family and your environment; and to schedule a visit. You can contact us using the contact form on the right (or send an email to [email protected]) or call us at 336.972.4511,
  • If you are ready, you can go straight to completing an adoption application on our website to accelerate the adoption process. When you complete the application, it will be electronically submitted to us.  An application is required prior to any adoption. This way, if you visit the dog and it’s a match, we often can have the background work done before you arrive and a new owner can possibly leave with the pet the same day.

When may I visit?

  • Because we operate with a limited staff, we are not able to accommodate routine visits. If you apply to adopt a dog and your application is approved, we will invite you to visit the rescue to meet the dogs you are interested in.
  • You can also learn a lot more about us by visiting our Facebook Page or find us on Petfinder. You can also view experiences from previous adoptions at the website, Great Nonprofits.

May I bring my dog?

  • When you do visit us to meet the dog you have applied for, we encourage you to bring your existing family pets so we can introduce the pets and assess their interaction with your potential adopted pet. We do want to understand your pet’s temperament prior to the visit.
  • Please note that since we are licensed by the NC Department of Agriculture, we are required to have a copy of rabies and parvo distemper vaccinations for each pet that is brought on to our property. If you bring your pet to Godbey Creek, you’ll need to text, email OR bring a copy of the rabies and parvo/distemper vaccinations.   We won’t retain a copy of these records but are simply required to have them available should our state inspector show up during your visit.

How long will it take my adopted dog to feel at home?

  • We subscribe to the “Rule of 3” which is 3 days for the pet to decompress, 3 weeks for the pet to learn their new routine, and 3 months for a pet to believe and know it has found its new home.

Why do you require 3 weeks of fostering before the adoption can be finalized?

  • We are committed to ensuring the right dog is matched to the right owner and right environment. It often takes some time to determine if the match is just right. Environment in particular is hard to assess quickly, and the Foster to Adopt program helps with that. For example, an active dog that is crated for many hours each day, particularly if it is a working breed, will quickly for insane, or, a low energy human matched will a high energy dog will also quickly go insane. This program is the last step to ensure the adoption will be successful over the long term.