Everything You Need to Know About Pet Boarding and Emergency Preparedness

It is important to decide on a boarding facility beforehand

Everyone should have an emergency preparedness plan in place. You are less likely to panic in a dire situation if you already know what supplies you need and where you’ll head should you need to evacuate. If you have pets, It is important to consider them in your emergency preparedness plan – where will you take your pets? If you plan to stay at a hotel or with family, they may not be able to accommodate your pets.  It is important to decide on a boarding facility beforehand and discuss their policies and procedures during an emergency situation.

Generally, all boarding facilities will take in pets in the event of a localized or individual emergency. The real question you need answered is what happens when there is a widespread emergency? Are they equipped to provide safe shelter in severe weather? Do they keep staff on the premises or make some other accommodation? Do they allow a pre-confirmed waiting list so you can pay ahead to reserve your spot should something happen? Do they keep enough supplies on hand for boarding for what could be an extended stay? It is better to plan ahead now than to scramble for answers later.

If you would like to know about our boarding policies, including our plan for emergency preparedness, feel free to give us a call at Godbey Creek Canine Rescue. Our 52-acre location offers premier dog boarding with 12 fenced-in dog pastures for supervised playtime. We recommend learning about our dog boarding ahead of time so you can be properly prepared, such as keeping up with vaccinations and providing us with veterinary records. Call today to learn more.