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Posted by Godbey Creek Canine Rescue August 24th, 2023

Going out of town? Bring your dog to our boarding facility!

Since 2019, Godbey Creek Canine Rescue has been providing premier dog boarding facilities to help support our rescue. These boarding facilities are located at our scenic, 52-acre location in Mocksville, North Carolina.

Dog Boarding School

An All Inclusive Boarding Experience

Unlike other Boarding facilities, we don’t charge you for the extras we give your pet. The following “extras” are all included in your boarding fee:

  • Spacious indoor kennel
  • Pre-breakfast and pre-dinner trips outside to allow your pet to relieve itself in the grass without dirtying their home away from home
  • At least 8 hours outdoors each day in the outdoor kennels or pastures (weather permitting)
  • A daily on-leash walk with one of our experienced kennel attendants
  • Administration of special feeding instructions and medications
  • Genuine love from our kennel attendants
  • Follow up photos and videos with parents on request

Our Facilities

The property is surrounded by beautiful hardwoods, maintains a pond with a fountain, and contains a bright and spotless kennel area. We also have several fenced-in dog pastures for supervised playtime where each dog can enjoy one-on-one time with our experienced staff. Weather permitting, each of our boarders spends time outdoors in our spacious pastures, in fresh-air kennels, and during walks.

8 Things to Look for in a Pet Boarding Facility [infographic]

How You Make a Difference

Our boarding kennel helps provide the financial means to sustain Godbey Creek Canine Rescue. By welcoming vacationing pets, we hope to expand our family of pet owners and adopters while offering a fun, safe, caring environment for your pet’s new home away from home. The income that boarding offers will help us maintain our site for rescued pets for years to come.

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Preparing Your Dog for Boarding

Although our caring staff will do everything we can to ensure your dog is well cared-for while you’re away, there are steps you can take to make sure your dog’s transition into boarding is a great experience for everyone.

  • First, provide a copy of your dog’s veterinary records when you book their stay. Nothing can put a damper on your vacation plans faster than trying to scramble around to find important paperwork!
  • Your dog will feel more comfortable during their stay if they have a few familiar items with them. We recommend bringing your dog’s favorite blanket or toy, so they have a piece of home with them at all times.
  • Before your dog’s stay at our boarding facility, don’t change their diet. Keep things as consistent as possible with your dog’s food to prevent problems while you’re away. Make sure you bring their food with you so that their diet stays consistent during their time with us.

The most important tip we can give you is to stay calm when you drop them off. If you’re calm and confident, your dog will be less upset about staying with us. With our loving care, chances are that they’ll feel right at home!

Boarding Application

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Godbey Creek Canine Rescue and our boarding facility is licensed by the NC Department of Agriculture and maintains an excellent standard of care for your pets. Book your dog’s stay today by calling us for more information! All dogs must be current on rabies, DHPP, and Bordetella vaccinations two weeks prior to boarding. Veterinary records must be provided before booking.

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At Godbey Creek Canine Rescue, we offer canine boarding services for residents of Mocksville, Advance, Clemmons, Mooresville, Statesville, and Winston-Salem, North Carolina.


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